Therapeutic Counsellor Psychotherapist
BACP Accredited and Registered
Supporting Children Through Bereavement

I can offer you a confidential, safe and none judgmental space to help you gain self-awareness and clarity. Helping you work through anger, panic, relationship problems, low sense of self-worth, anxiety, and depressive moods.

Therapeutic Counsellor Psychotherapist

I am a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor /Psychotherapist who has experience working within a one-to-one setting with clients since 2006. I have a Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and am also BACPM accredited and registered. Number 053234. I also have over 18 years of experience working with children and young people in a youth work setting.

Why Counselling?

There are many reasons why you might think that now is a good time to explore seeing a therapist. Maybe you have come to a time in your life where you feel stuck and want to explore ways to move on, or maybe you are ready to tackle painful feelings which have been carried from your past. You may want to reflect on how to feel more complete with your choices. There is no right or wrong reason for coming to therapy. It is more about the journey and where you would like to take that journey, and how we can work towards what you want to achieve.


Are you feeling constantly tense and restless? Do you find yourself going into a panic or even feeling like you’re in impending danger? Do you have difficulty concentrating and controlling your worry to the point that you can feel it in your body?

Therapy can help you to explore the cause of what is going on for you and find ways to help you work through your feelings and find coping strategies.

Low Confidence & Self-Esteem

Do you feel that everything you do is not good enough? Do you feel negative about yourself and blame yourself when things go wrong? Do you find yourself avoiding opportunities because your frightened of failure?

Therapy can help you understand and explore where the negative views came from and give you the space to address the problem. It can create a save space to explore options for change and replace negative dialog into a more positive outlook.


Are you worried about not being in control of your anger or afraid when others get angry? Does anger get in the way of your relationships or your work? Do you isolate yourself because you are afraid of anger?

Therapy can help us to explore where our negative thoughts and feelings have come from and provide tools to challenge those messages, we have told ourselves for far too long.

Areas Of Counselling Which I Work With

Relationship Issues
Post Traumatic Stress
Panic Attacks
Low self-esteem
Low Self-Confidence
Family Issues
Eating Disorders
Drug & Alcohol
Career & Work Related Stress
Body Dimorphism

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